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Product Review (submitted on 9 February 2016):
I have used Reduce on so many occasions it is a absolute life saviour!!! I used it Friday Saturday and Sunday and haven\'t gained anything!!! Yet I can have a slice of bread and ham in work and gain a lb these really do work! I am so happy I can go off plan and not worry about a 5lb gain! I cannot wait to use these on holidays as I usually gain around 1-2 stone on a all inclusive holiday!!! I\'ve had Chinese food, Indian food and a whole pizza without gaining and also lots of cake, desserts, and ice cream!!! These really do work! I can\'t wait to reach my target so I can just eat healthy and use Reduce on occasions where I will be naughty!

I no longer have to make excuses to miss celebrations and special occasions with my Reduce!
I don\'t even have to sit there watching friends and family eat without me I can now join in!
I did pig out before loading using Reduce and lost a whole 1 lb!
These really are a fab product!

As long as you take them with a very large glass of water you can\'t go wrong!
Yet another fabulous product thank you drop away I am human and now can eat things without the worry and guilt!
I love love love Reduce!
Love a happy drop away customer x