Fall in LOVE with food again
17th April 2018

Wearable Technology and Apps

What are the advantages of wearable tech (WT) for the everyday person who wants to personalise their health and fitness? Here’s why I think wearable tech can help with exercise:   Encourages personal responsibility and self-monitoring Unless you’ve got someone coaching you on a one-to-one level it can be difficult to figure out exactly how …
Wearable Tech
3rd April 2018

Weight Loss – Why It’s not all about the scales

Whenever people decide it’s time to “DIET” it’s totally understandable that one of the first things they do is weigh themselves. Now, while there is nothing wrong with this as you can find a starting point for setting goals, people can easily become obsessed with the figures on the scales and forget to think about …
Green apple and Weight scale,measure tap with fresh vegetable, clean water and sport equipment for women diet slimming.  Diet and Healthy Concept
27th June 2017

10 Signs You Need To Do A Sugar Detox

Do you need to detox? Below are 10 signs that you need a Sugar Detox:   1) SKIN PROBLEMS -Too much sugar and processed food in your diet can lead to skin breakouts, damages the protein in your skin, premature wrinkles and aging faster than we would like.   2) DULLED TASTE BUDS – Too …
28th November 2015

The Role of Exercise in Your Diet

When losing weight, there is a lot of information, tips, and advice available, but one thing that most sources will agree on, is that diet and exercise are the two most important things involved in losing weight and keeping healthy. Along with getting enough sleep, diet and exercise make up the basic formula that leads to shedding a few pounds; you have to burn more calories than you are eating or drinking in order to lose weight. However, how much of a role does exercise play? And do different forms of exercise have different effects? You often hear statements such as, ‘80% diet, 20% exercise’, but what does this mean?
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