Fall in LOVE with food again



Charlotte Harneiss

“8 stone lost in 1 year”

“I’m happier, healthier, fitter and have more confidence”

“Drop Away has really changed my life”


Wendy Howick

6 Stone lost on the Drop Away Plan

“Started Drop Away Plan in March 2014 & soon the pounds were melting away”

“In 5 months I’d lost 6 stone”

“Never been happier”


Leigh Mckenzie Lee

12.4st to 11.2st. From a size 18 dress down to a size 12 on the Drop Away Plan

“I didn’t lose so much in pounds but I did lose a hell of a lot of inches.”

“It felt really good when people I know stopped me in the street and said “Wow Leigh you have lost a lot of weight”.”

“They definitely work they boosted my confidence. And you get loads of energy from them.”


Kirsty Anne Green

Lost over 2 stone in under 45 days on the Drop Away Plan

“I have bought every diet pill, drink and patch on the market”

“My energy levels improve, as does your complection and over all mood”

“The support groups are amazing and I probably couldn’t have done it without all the DAWLS support”


Linda Gray Schonegevel

Lost 5 Stone after 8 months on the Drop Away Drops Plan

“I have been struggling PCOS/Asthma for years and it was virtually impossible to loose weight.”

“I have gained with drop away! Gained vitality, energy, a waist I forgot I had and so much more confidence.”

“This is the first diet that I have truly seen results and that gives me the drive and enthusiasm to keep going”


Bronwen Richards-Cousins

Bronwen has lost 6 Stone after using the Drop Away Drops Plan.

“I have never felt better”

“Changed me back into the thin person I used to be”